The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Practicing physical exercises can bring several health benefits and considerably improve the proper functioning of the body; everyone knows that, right? However, the benefits of physical activities are only tangible and perceived in everyday life when we take the practice seriously, ensuring a regular weekly frequency.

What to eat pre and post-workout

The practice of physical activity cannot be seen as a hobby but as a constant habit. “Just as we eat, drink water, and brush our teeth every day, we must make physical activity something regular for the benefits to be effective.”

Benefits of regular physical activity

• Improves our bone and muscle structures

• Reduces blood pressure

• Fights stress (and all the harmful hormones linked to it)

• Relieves muscle tension

• Provides psychological well-being by keeping us away from everyday problems

• Acts against diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, risk of heart attack

• Increases self-esteem

• Improves posture

• Increases immunity

• Acts against obesity

• Improves pain

Regular practice vs. occasional practice

The main difference between regular and occasional physical activity is in the body’s adaptation process after starting regular physical activity. Therefore, when we practice physical activity, we eventually run the risk of harming the body.

“When we start physical activity and become part of our daily routine, the body adapts to the physical effort and, consequently, brings all the benefits mentioned above.

When we do an occasional physical activity, with each physical activity, the body tends to suffer more from pain, inflammation, and even injuries, because it understands this “out of the ordinary” movement with a certain strangeness.

Sedentary x Active

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as the lack of physical activity and numerous factors that can generate it. According to physical educators, the main reason is the daily responsibilities that consume most of our time.

Therefore, we are tired, which doesn’t motivate us to do physical activity. However, suppose you want to change your situation.

You should seek the guidance of a professional so that he can help you in the chosen physical activity and, preferably, consult a doctor to know if there is any restriction concerning your physical activity or health,” he says.

Summer calls for more physical activity!

With the arrival of summer, people’s interest in physical activity grows. Among the main reasons are the heat, which makes you not want to stay at home; and the opportunity to show more of the body.

Therefore, the physical educator suggests practicing physical activities outdoors, which the season favors. As a result, it is possible to enjoy different places, breathe purer air, and the best: to have direct contact with the sun, absorbing as much vitamin D as we can.

To train in the summer, remember to practice physical activity when the emission of UV rays is milder: in the morning, from 6 am to 10 am, and in the afternoon, from 4 pm to 8 pm.

In addition, regardless of the season or the chosen physical activity, be sure to do regular physical exercises because, for sure, you will gain more health and vitality.

Exercise care

• Hydrate yourself well and prefer water! Hydration before, during, and after physical activity improves performance, prevents cramps, and helps control blood pressure. Double your care in summer, because we sweat a lot more!

• Eat before your workout. Choose good sources of carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, cassava, whole-grain bread, whole-grain pasta, whole-grain cereals such as brown rice), so you don’t lack energy and a good source of protein.

• Avoid fried foods or meals that contain a lot of fat (fatty meats, milk, and whole-grain derivatives) before exercising. That’s because fat slows down the digestion process, impairing your performance.

• The food after training should suit your goal; a good nutritional strategy can make all the difference. So no going hours without eating after a workout!

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