How did Dwayne Johnson Turn His $7 Into ZOA+?

In the ZOA Energy logo, a number 7 is put within the word Z, reminding us that life is hard, but we can fight back harder than ever before.

It’s impossible to envision Dwayne Johnson defeated, downcast and broke after all of his life’s accomplishments. His dreams of playing in the NFL halted at 22.

No NFL draft and no CFL cut for Johnson meant he had to accept that his dream of playing in the NFL would never come true. (And we all know the Rock works hard.)

The Rock had struck rock-bottom when he was sent home and forced to live with his parents with only $7. To achieve the life he desired, Johnson did everything he could with his own hands to transform his life.


To build brands and enterprises together for over 30 years and a bond that today feels more like an extended family. “We are business partners, but we are also family,” explains Johnson.

When the close-knit group learned there wasn’t an energy drink on the market with clean ingredients, necessary vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and clean, natural green caffeine, it was natural to team together and bring their concept to life.

“We decided to partner up, match our vision and goals, and make the energy drink we wanted when we found it didn’t exist. So ZOA Energy was founded.”


The fast-growing energy drink on the market is ZOA Energy. Their health and aspirations were built into the drink, and consumers appreciated it.

“Our brand has a true story, purpose, and authenticity,” Johnson says.

In addition to green tea and unroasted coffee beans, which provide antioxidants for prolonged energy and immune system support, customers seek healthier components.

The brand now includes ZOA+, a highly effective 12 oz liquid pre-workout supplement with no harmful side effects.

The ZOA Energy co-founders established a recipe for pre-workout success with Dave Rienzi – the chief health officer and strength and conditioning coach of the Rock, with over 25 years of expertise.


This understanding makes Rienzi’s ZOA+ recipe unique. ZOA+ is a blend of chemicals that Rienzi says works well for clients. Undeniably, the co-founders’ formulation process took eight months to execute strategically.

Rienzi wanted to create a beneficial ready-to-drink supplement with no harmful side effects and great taste.

“I started with a list of elements that I thought would be extremely effective for the desired functional outcome,” he explains. The co-founders then determined which ingredients performed best, working closely with the formulation team.

This was followed by extensive testing in the gym to determine the appropriate ingredient amounts for all aspects of ZOA+. Rienzi feels the final product is superb in both practicality and taste.

Rienzi is confident that ZOA+ will improve people’s workouts by providing prolonged energy, increasing blood flow to muscles, and improving cognitive function and focus, among other benefits.


ZOA+ is a zero-sugar energy supplement with 200 mg of natural clean caffeine from green coffee and green tea, 3,000 mg of performance-boosting nitric oxide support, and L-citrulline, hydrating electrolytes, immune-supporting vitamins C and D, and a blend of healthy dietary supplements and antioxidants designed to support workouts. ZOA+ contains no preservatives, artificial flavors, or dyes.

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