8 Steps for you to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle in Quarantine

Some habits do good for the body and mind. Seeing what they are and adapting them to take care of yourself has never been more important than now.

And while it may seem difficult to adjust to a healthy lifestyle in quarantine, this attitude can make all the difference to your body and mind. Thinking about it, we list 8 steps that will help you with self-care from the inside out. Check out steps to a healthy lifestyle:

1. Keep a food diary.

In it, you can write down all your food choices throughout the day – and see which items could be substituted for healthier options. “During the week, you will have a better idea of the food you have eaten.

2. Set goals

“Reeducating your routine, with healthy eating and physical activity, will only work if it is a life project. But it’s also important to celebrate the smaller achievements.” Set two goals, one for the medium and one for the long term. Every step must be celebrated.

3. Use social media to your advantage.

Social media can bring motivation. That’s why it’s worth following profiles of people who inspire you — whether it’s a yoga and meditation instructor, a person who talks about self-acceptance, or a nutritionist. That way, you will always have tips on having a healthy lifestyle.

But you also have to be careful, warns the nutritionist. Consulting a specialist is also important to assess which food is best for you.” And don’t exaggerate either: excess information, especially that which makes us worried or distressed, can have the opposite effect and generate discouragement.

4. Practice physical exercises!

Inserting exercises into the routine will make a difference in the mood and even sleep quality. “Moving is essential to increase caloric expenditure, but you have to be careful with compensation. Often, demotivation comes when you eat more than you spend”, warns Glauce.

Those who move more are more likely to be happy. An unprecedented scientific study published in January 2017 in the journal PLOS One showed that people who had a more active life were happier daily.

5. Get rid of what doesn’t do you good.

Why not do general cleaning in your home pantry and fridge? Be honest with yourself: treats, processed and ultra-processed, can even be delicious, but when consumed too often, they are bad for the body. So, reduce the stock of stuffed cookies, juices, and sugary foods and make more healthy recipes good form.

6. Organize your routine

Maintaining the routine during quarantine is essential for your mental health and is part of a healthy lifestyle. Writing down all the daily tasks in a diary, for example, helps the brain organize itself better and brings us a certain comfort.

But remember that we are in an exceptional moment. Don’t cover yourself so much and adapt your daily life according to the extra tasks that came up with social isolation.

The same thing is valid for meals. Setting aside a day to organize the entire week’s food is an option that can prevent, on exhausting days, you surrendering to ingredients that are harmful to the body. “ Pre-cooked and frozen foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, soups, broths, and braised meats. That way, you will have a good part of the menu organized. Then, defrost and make a sandwich or a lighter dish”, teaches the specialist.

7. Take care of the mind.

Combining a balanced diet and physical exercise is the classic recipe for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But one essential factor is missing from this equation: mental health! Distract your mind with reading, meditation, or even practices like yoga.

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Being focused is very important, but radicalism can generate frustration. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is knowing how to listen to your desires: allow yourself to eat the things you like, or even take a day to rest and be “unproductive.” Everything is in the right measure.

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