5 Outdoor Workouts You Can Do This Summer

Summer is here and maybe you’re thinking about taking some of your workouts outside! Some fresh air can do us all some good, so we are reserving a five-day stretch for outdoor workouts. This e-book will break down a week-long outdoor regimen for you so you can stay active even if it’s outside of the gym! Here are 5 outdoor workouts you can do this summer.

Take note that you will need to find a park with a basketball court for some of these workouts.

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Workout #1 – Full Body

Start with some basic resistance bodyweight exercises as follows.

15 push-ups

20 jump squats

20 mountain climbers

15 burpees

Here’s the workout: Basketball court suicide drill

If you aren’t familiar with the suicide drill, it’s all about sprints and conditioning. Start on the baseline of the basketball court and run to the closest free-throw line. When you get to the free-throw line, bend over and touch it with your hand. Sprint back to the baseline and touch the baseline with your hand. Do this same motion with the halfcourt line, farthest free throw line, and opposite baseline.

Take a short breather after completing this and repeat it at least two or three more times. This kind of workout will elevate your heart rate to its max level, so be careful that you don’t overwork yourself.

Workout #2 – Upper Body

These simple exercises can be done in your driveway, garage, backyard, or wherever else outside you feel comfortable.

10 inchworms to push-ups

15 wide push-ups

15 diamond push-ups

1-minute front plank

1-minute left side plank

1-minute right side plank

Repeat this list five times for a complete workout.

Workout #3 – Full Body Park Bench + Cardio

All you need for this is a sturdy park bench and some personal space. Use the bench similarly to how you would use a workout bench at the gym.

15 inclined push-ups

10 squat jumps onto bench

20 triceps dips

20 step-ups

Repeat these workouts two or three times.

After (or before, if you’d rather) your bench workout, dedicate at least a half-hour to jogging or sprinting. You can do either 30 minutes of sustained jogging, or break it up into short sprints separated by 10-15 seconds of walking.

Workout #4 – Upper/Lower Body Park Bench Split

Using another (or the same) park bench, now you are going to focus on the upper and lower body splits.

Lower body:

10 squat jumps onto bench

20 step-ups

10 split squats (right leg on bench)

10 split squats (left leg on bench)

20 toe taps

Upper body:

15 inclined push-ups

15 plank jacks (hands on bench)

20 mountain climbers

1-minute right side plank

1-minute left side plank

Repeat this list three to four times.

Workout #5 – HIIT and Core

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. For these workouts, you should follow a 30/30 method, meaning you should exercise for 30 seconds and then take a 30-second break, and so on.

Jump squats


Speed skaters

Grass grabbers

Jumping jacks

Jumping lunges

Repeat these exercises with the 30/30 method five times.

For the core workout, you don’t need to go with the HIIT style. Go at your own pace to complete your reps instead.

40 Russian twists

50 crunches

40 scissor kicks

50 bicycles

40 rope climbers

Repeat this two or three times.

And those are 5 outdoor workouts you can do this summer! Getting outside really beats the gym sometimes, as much as we hate to admit that. Enjoy the warm and sunny weather while you can, folks.

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