10 Tips for Having a Healthy and Active Life in Old Age

Experts recommend a balance between body and mind. The world is moving faster and faster, even surprising us when, after a few years, we find ourselves more experienced and finally entering old age.

Practicing physical exercises, eating well, reading, and having friends are some of the miraculous formulas to maintain a healthy and fun life during this period. And it is good that you start thinking about this phase in advance.

According to the IBGE, with the improvement of public health and the recent advances in medicine, life expectancy in Brazil today is 75.8 years, an increase of more than 30 years between 1940 and 2016.

Longevity, however, must be accompanied by the quality of life to be enjoyed. Concerned about your physical and psychological well-being, we have gathered ten excellent tips for you to stay active and healthy in the future.

1. Practice sports

The frequent practice of physical activities is one of the primary measures you must adopt to maintain a good quality of life in old age. It is essential to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Aerobics, such as stretching and walking, is the most recommended.

2. Keep an active social life.

Several studies show that older adults with more social relationships get sick less and have a greater sense of well-being and joy. Attending a club, carrying out a group activity, or even engaging in volunteer work are some of the alternatives.

3. Sing and dance

Tango, waltz, samba: the rhythm doesn’t matter; the important thing is to move! Dance favors not only the body but also the mind. Some studies indicate that dancing helps improve memory and concentration, not to mention the feeling of well-being that the activity causes. Music, by the way, is good for the body and soul at any age.

4. Read a lot 

Reading keeps the brain active, receiving more stimuli and assimilating new knowledge. By reading, you are helping to prevent or delay the onset or progression of degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

5. Eat well

Another tip to have a quality of life at any age is to adopt a healthy diet. A significant measure is to reduce the amount of salt: daily consumption should be a maximum of 1 teaspoon.

On the other hand, the intake of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, cereals, tubers, and roots can prevent various diseases. The traditional beans and rice, for example, are an excellent combination because it contains protein and carbohydrates.

6. Drink lots of water

Aim to drink two liters of water a day (six to eight glasses). Water is vital for the proper functioning of the body and eliminating toxins.

7. Consume teas

Ingestion of black and green teas helps in memory protection. Formed by the substance catechin, this type of drink contributes to reducing the development of cardiovascular diseases.

8. See a doctor regularly.

Regularly consulting and carrying out preventive medical exams avoids many problems. Make sure a geriatrician is monitoring your health. Only he will be able to order the proper tests, make early diagnoses and guide you on how to take better care of yourself.

9. Take care of oral health.

Oral sensitivity tends to increase in old age, which can favor the appearance of cavities. It is essential, more than ever, to keep brushing your teeth at least three times a day and flossing daily, not forgetting to visit the dentist for exams and cleanings.

10. Stay close to the one you love.

With more free time, take the opportunity to be with the ones you love the most. Talk a lot; avoid isolating yourself. Being around family and friends, old and new, is very healthy for the mind and the heart.

Keep busy

It is crucial that the elderly feel useful because idleness is one of the leading causes of depression. A good option is to go back to work – or not stop or discover a new passion for dedicating yourself to.

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